We're Hiring CDL Drivers



Welcome to CarrierAtlas! A group of freight brokers, truckload carriers and logistics professionals - a strange and eclectic mix of individuals, wouldn't you say? But we have one thing in common - a passion for all things transportation.

We are the masters of the road, the keepers of the freight, the guardians of the supply chain. We know the highways like the backs of our hands, and we know the secrets of the industry that few others dare to speak of.

Our team is made up of the bravest, most daring individuals in the world of transportation. We have truckers who have driven through the most treacherous weather conditions, brokers who have negotiated deals in the face of impossible odds, and logistics professionals who have orchestrated the movement of goods across the country with the precision of a surgeon.

But our expertise goes beyond just transportation. We have seen and experienced things that few others have, and we have a tale to tell. Our stories are not for the faint of heart - they are tales of adventure, danger, and the thrill of the open road.

We are not just a group of individuals - we are a family. We support each other through the challenges of the industry, and we celebrate each other's successes. We know that the world of transportation can be a harsh and unforgiving place, but with CarrierAtlas, you are never alone.

So, if you have a passion for transportation, if you long to hit the open road and experience the thrill of the journey, then join us. Become a part of our family, and let us take you on a ride you'll never forget. Together, we will conquer the roads and become the legends of the industry.